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Urea, alias is Carbamide; Urea solution;is organic compounds composed of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen.Its chemical formula is CON2H4, CO (NH2)2 or CN2H4O, the international generic name is carbamide. Appearance is white crystal or powder. It is a product of animal protein metabolism, is usually used as a nitrogen fertilizer plant. Urea synthesis in the liver, is excreted in vivo mammalian nitrogen metabolism. This metabolic process is known as Urea cycle. Urea is the first synthetic inorganic substances in order to receive organic compounds.
Urea is a good use of moisturizing ingredients, it exists in the skin's stratum corneum which, belonging to the skin's natural moisturizing factor NMF is the main component. The skin is, Urea and soft skin with a moisturizing effect, so it can prevent the cuticle blocking pores, to improve the acne problem. For the mask, skin water, cream, hand cream and other products to add moisturizing ingredients. Add ratio of 3-5%.
because the dye has excellent performance as dissolution solvent,also moderate reduction/oxidation resistance and a very excellent moisture absorption (see table), so in the textile dye industry is an excellent solvent/moisture agent/viscose fiber bulking agent , resin finishing agent, it has a wide range of uses.
Urea in the textile industry and other agents of the hygroscopic moisture comparison: (with its own weight)
1.Glycerin 22.60%
2.Urea 24.40%
3.Potassium carbonate 35.70%
4.Sodium carbonate 14.70%
5.Triethanolamine 21.50%
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