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Amino acids moisturizing agent
NMF-50(betaine,betafin)is a natural vitamin like,Molecular formula(CH3)3NCH2COO,
Molecular weight117,Non-toxic, highly hygroscopic, taste sweet, have a special smell, is widely found in plants and animals and has an important function, its value has been proved by numerous scientific studies.
In medicine, can be used for treatment and prevention of liver disease, drugs, antibiotics, vitamins of raw materials; NMF-50 can be used as food additives, for elderly care, child growth and development.In daily chemical industry, NMF-50 has been widely used, because the nature of NMF-50 is extremely modest, is a rapid absorption, high activity of the new moisturizers and sweeteners, in personal care products, applications, can rapid improvement in skin and hair of moisture retention, stimulate cell activity, has to keep skin moist, smooth, dry and dark to prevent the effect.
NMF-50 is a pure natural product structure of the material, highly biocompatible, extremely soluble in water (solvent ratio is 160g/100g water), soluble in ethanol (dissolution ethanol ratio is 8.7g/100g), is very heat-resistant , acid and alkali, and the use of a wide range of easy operation and security and stability.
Chemical name:Betaine anhydrous
INCI name:Betaine
Specification: Appearance:white crystal,Content:≥99.0%,Moisture:≤14.0%,PH:5.0-7.0
Suggested usage:       
Using proportion(%)
Basic cosmetics, cosmetic water
More moisture
Lotion, cream
Skin smooth, not greasy
Facial Cleanser
More moist, smooth,prevent the skin from too tight
Hari production
Dry, protection, moisture, light, soft
Recommended usage :1.0~10.0%
Packing:25.0kg large paper drum
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