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Betaine HCL
Product Name:Betaine HCL
English name:Carboxymethyl)trimethylammonium hydrochloride
Cas NO:590-46-5
Molecular formula:C5H11NO2.HCl
Molecular weight:153.61
MDL No.:MFCD00011903
Structure formula:
Property:White to light yellow crystalline powder, taste was sour, with hygroscopicity, soluble in water, ethanol, insoluble in ether, chloroform, alkali reaction.
Indicator Specification: USP/Feed
Quality standard:standard content:Betaine hydrochloride not less than 98.0%, not more than 100.5%; feed-grade betaine hydrochloride residue on ignition not more than 1%; pharmaceutical grade betaine hydrochloride residue on ignition not more than 0.2%, loss on drying is not high at 0.5%; heavy metal is not higher than 10PPM.
melting point:227~228℃(decomposition)
function:Betaine hydrochloride is an efficient, high quality, low cost, widely used in livestock, poultry, aquaculture and promote long attractant nutritional additives. Betaine is a nutritional additive for livestock, poultry, fish and all kinds of pet animal feed. Betaine hydrochloride and betaine hydrochloride salt obtained, sweet, its the same function and betaine.
Storage:Placed in dry,dark,cool place. Storage period: two years.
Specification:Plastic bag 25kg,drum or box,export special packing is according to customers' requirements.
Production grade:
Feed grade: content 98%,Loss on dry not exceed 1%,Residue on ignition not exceed 1%
Pharmaceutical grade: content 99%,Loss on dry not exceed 0.5%,Residue on ignition not exceed 0.2%
Industrial grade:(Fermentation industry):Content 98%,Loss on dry not exceed 1%,Residue on ignition not exceed 0.5%
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